Possum Kingdom Fire Report August 2011

This page is being created as a quick reference of information that will not change continuously. We will continue to update the information as it comes in.

* Power has been restored to Gaines Bend and Sportsman's World.

* Access for residents only is allowed in Gaines Bend and Sportsman's World via Hwy 180. 

The Cliffs Resort 

* As of this morning, September 1st, we have been told there have been 39 structures lost and 9 RV's. The number of losses are not only in the Cliffs Resort.

The following is a list of homes and their status that we were given from eyewitnesses going through the area. Unfortunately, we this is not a complete list because there were areas they were not able to get to at the time. We will continue to update this page as we receive information.

Brackeen area: A frame on corner of Brackeen and Spyglass - gone. Next house on Brackeen - gray house - all you can read of address are 1-2-3 - that house is okay. 1127 Brackeen is okay. Next house - no number - gone. These houses are all okay: 1133, 1141, 1155, 1161, 1171, 1177, 1181 ... all on Bracken - again, these houses all okay. 1175 Brackeen is unknown - we couldn't get to it. 1183 Brackeen is gone. 1187 and 1189 and 1191 Brackeen are all okay. If you are Spyglass and you go left on Brackeen – no address, but the brown cedar house is okay. 1105 Brackeen is okay. 227 and 38 is okay(those are the best numbers we have – sorry.)

Baltrusol Court - 40 Baltrusol is okay. Hester's former spec house (unknown street number) is gone. House that sits on Baltrusol Ct and Baltrusol Dr - lot 208 - is gone. 

Baltrusol Drive - Lot 268 (no house number) is okay. 

Olympic Drive - 1 confirmed loss

Oakland Hill Dr - the old Guffey house - is okay. 

Poppy Hills - two houses there - both are gone. 

Royal Aberdeen Court - one house there - it is gone.

Cypress and Castle Harbour - all homes there are gone except for Pope residence. 

Broadmoore Court – 3-story residence was lost.

Birkdale Condos – the Birkdale condos were lost 

Residences on Oyster Bay Court and vicinity are all okay right now. Eagle Point condos okay now. Residences on Harbor Town, Turnberry Loop and Glen Eagle are okay at the moment. Colonial and everything east on that side of the Cliffs are okay right now. - posted around 10am on 8/31.

Bay Hill Drive – 710 Bay Hill at the far east end was consumed. Firefighters were able to save the home next to it.

Hotel, Conference Room, Restaurant and Golf Shop are okay.

Marina is okay.

RV and Boat storage was NOT lost. We are still waiting on confirmation regarding the long-term storage. 



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