Kay Elliott

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I grew up in Wichita Falls in a wonderful family with a “Family Owned Business”. It was a “Service Business” and by having a good reputation it was in business from 1946 until 2014. I spent 17 years working with my Dad and also 3 of my 4 children worked there during school.

We all learned that “customer service”, “the phone service”, and “your attitude” made the difference in what you could achieve.

Our family life was full of many happy trips but our "fast get-away" was Possum Kingdom… A weekend or a Sunday afternoon, with all of us looking for the lake and trying to beat the other by saying “first one to see the lake” was a memory and then a tradition that was passed to my children and then to my grandchildren.

Since I was 6 years old “Possum Kingdom” was laughter, fun, family time, also peace. The quiet nights and nature.

In 2007 my husband and I relocated to Possum Kingdom to live a dream that I always wanted. My Passion. The years in my family business taught me the importance of people”, “how you must listen”, “people are your future”.

Now, living my dream, I sell "The Possum Kingdom dream to other families". The most important and best moment I have is knowing a family has found that perfect place and seeing the smile and excitement they all have.

I live on this beautiful lake and I am here to serve you and your needs 7 days a week…I would love to hear from you.

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