Anticipation in the air!!!!

Posted by on Sunday, June 1st, 2014 at 12:39pm.

Anticipation is in the air!!!

Anticipation is very thick in the air here at PK!! In just a few short days The Red Bull Cliff Divers will be too! The entire lake community is a “buzz” with preparation for this amazing upcoming event.

Here are just a few fun facts about the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop here at Possum Kingdom:

  • This is the sixth year of The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

  • Possum Kingdom is the 2nd stop out of 7 for 2014. PK is the only stop for 2014 in the United States

  • This event is not ticketed and is free to the public

  • This event can only be viewed by water

  •        But don’t worry…. If you are not able to attend this event in person Fox Sports 1 will be               

           Televising it Monday July 14th @ 8:30 p.m. ET  7:30 p.m. CT

  • Unlike some cliff divers these gals and guys enter the water feet first

  • Men’s                                                           vs Women’s

    2 days (Fri June 6, Sat June 7)                 2 days (Fri June 6, Sat June 7)

    Consists of:                                                 Consists of:

    4 dives                                                         3 dives

    2 required dives                                        1 required dives

    2 optional dives                                        2 optional dives

Platform heights

Men minimum 87 feet, maximum 92 feet

Women minimum 63 feet, maximum 66 feet

Olympic divers dive from a platform of 33 feet.

Entering speed

Men 56-56 mph

Women 45-47 mph

Minimum water depth  16 feet

Scoring  5 scores from 5 judges from 0-10 in half point increments. With the highest and the the lowest being disguarded.

The scoring is based on:

  • Take off

  • Position in the air

  • Entry in the water


Safety is taken very serious! 3 scuba divers are on standby at the diving point at all times during the competition and an ambulance is on standby as well.

I hope that you all find this information helpful and look forward to seeing you all here at Possum Kingdom enjoying your “Slice of PK” life!!!! Until next time……. Dee Dee 817-880-1779

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