Deer Antler "Shed" Hunting

Posted by on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 at 3:04pm.

Its getting to be that time of year! Deer shed their antlers after breeding season each year  (due to a decrease in testerone) and grow them back during Spring and Summer.  The deer at Possum Kingdom shed their antlers between now and March.

The interest in shed antler hunting has began to grow by leaps and bounds. Shed hunting is similar to treasure hunting or hunting arrowheads and is great exercise, and kids of all ages can take part because no hunting license or permits are required. Antler hunting can be an activity for the whole family and I can't think of a more beautiful place to do this than Possum Kingdom.

The basics are simple. Look for shed antlers in winter food sources, bedding areas, and along the trails between these two areas. Knowing where to look is great.  However, the key is timing – start too early and you are likely to find nothing.  Starting too late makes it more likely that you will have been beat to the find by insects and or other small animals.  Can you be lucky enough to find a matching set?

Happy Hunting . . .

Until next week!!!

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