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Posted by on Sunday, August 10th, 2014 at 2:08pm.

One thing that our 3 featured PK Tri-athletes have in common is just that!! Location… Bill Moss, Brittany Buchanan and Linda Fewell all live and train at Possum Kingdom Lake. In there words, "What a beautiful place to train daily."  On any given day if you are driving through Gaines Bend you might see these 3 on a bike doing one of there daily 15 mile bike rides,  or 3 mile plus runs. (This part of there training has been much smoother with the new and improved roads in Gaines Bend)  If you happen to go down to Gaines Bend new Marina you just might see them doing there daily 1 mile swim. Crazy you say? No this is just a normal day in the training process for these 3 as they train for the upcoming September 14, 2014 Triathlon here at PK. Both Bill Moss and Linda Fewell competed last year at the PK Triathlon where as this will be Brittany Buchanan's (did I mention my daughter?) first. She says that the road to training for this Triathlon has been made much smoother by all the expertise and encouragement that she has gotten along the way from her training buddies and friends Bill Moss and Linda Fewell.

If you ask any of one of these 3 Tri-training athletes they will tell you that "The struggle is real" but well worth the reward when you cross that finish line. As for Brittany she has yet to feel that finish line rush in an actual Tri competition but says that she is ready. "I can't wait she says. Its more of not letting my training partners down at this point in the game.

Mark your calendars and plan to come to Possum Kingdom on September 14, 2014. Or better yet, come early and stay all weekend.  Our lake will be a buzz with lots of Tri athletes. What a great time to come and visit the beauty of PK!

Offering you a glimpse of PK, one slice at a time. Until next time.... Dee Dee

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