What do you do at PK when it's REALLY cold outside?

Posted by on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 at 1:33pm.

If you live and work at PK, it goes something like this:
Wake up at 6 am and check outside temps first thing. Yep, that tapping noise I heard on the windows last night was definitely not a dream - It was the sleet from the storm - I've got work to do! Definitely NOT going for a run this morning!
Time to bundle up and head off into the white beauty that is now PK to bust the water in the horse troughs and get them fed.  Bet they are greatful for their blankets this morning!

Next its off to check on seller's homes to make sure all is good with them.  Note to self:  I will need to go back once the temps raise above freezing and the thaw out begins. Don't want any flooding from busted water pipes.  While out taking care of my chores, I decide I need to take some pictures to share on Facebook. Everyone should get the opportunity to see the beauty of this PK wonderland.
Back home my husband decides that he NEEDS beans to go in the chili that we plan to have for dinner.  Since his truck has 4 wheel drive we decide to try the roads.  (Of course I realize a man needs any excuse to operate his truck in 4WD!)   At this point, I do what any good neighbor does - check in with my neighbors to see if they need anything at the store, too.  I am secretly excited to get out and see what the other side of the lake looks like in its sparkling white splendor, and any excuse will do!  Anyone that knows me knows that I love anything that sparkles and shines.  And boy does our PK have on its bling today.  Off we go to the Trading Post ... and boy were those roads icy.  Really happy that Bret is driving and for 4 wheel drive.
Back home safe and sound I work on sharing pictures while Bret puts on the chili (with beans of course).  Won't be long and it will be time to head back to the barn for the afternoon feeding for the horses and to rebust water troughs.
Tomorrow will be bring some more of the same as the meterologists are predicting record-breaking lows once again tonite.  With its year-round solitude, beauty and a peacefulness beyond comparison I sure can't think of a better place to be iced in than PK!
And that's a wintertime slice of PK for you.  

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