The Communities on PK Lake

The Possum Kingdom Lake area is made up of numerous neighborhoods – some are true "Subdivisions" while others are simply small groupings of homes.  They can be confusing, even for people that have been coming to the lake for years!


Here is a quick tour through the neighborhoods beginning at the south end of the lake with links to more detailed information about each one:

  • Sportsman's World – Hwy 16 South, just a few miles north of Hwy 180.  Ranches & lakefront; some docks available.
  • Gaines Bend – the next development past Sportsman's World as you're heading north on Hwy 16.  A working cattle ranch, all lakefront most nearly all with docks.  Mixture of cliffline and gentle lake-level properties.  Interior lots will soon be offered by Gaines Bend Development – we'll be providing updates when more is known.
  • The Cliffs Resort – as you leave Gaines Bend heading north on Hwy 16, The Cliffs is the next development.  The Cliffs is a resort offering both residential lifestyles as well as a place to vacation and golf.  Very few dockable properties available in The Cliffs. Waterfront lots are typically on the cliffline with stunning views.  Inside The Cliffs, there are a few other developments you should know about:

            – Neeley's Slough: small grouping of waterfront homes with docks on Neeley's Slough
            – Bobwhite Bluffs: another small grouping of homes mostly with docks at the back of the slough
            – Split Rail Ranch:  a group of homesites with acreage; no dockable properties available

  • The Ranch on PK – come out of the Cliffs, turn left on Hwy 16 and cross the Brazos River, pass the Fish Hatchery, head around Kimberlin Mountain, and turn left on Hwy 2353.  The Ranch will be on your left, with a big stunning Texas-sized gate.  The Ranch represents luxury rustic at its finest.
  • Peninsula - at the intersection of Hwy 2353 and Park Road 36, you have a few options.  Go left and you're on what we refer to as The Peninsula.  This is were many of our local businesses and restaurants are, and it is at this intersection that Pondera has its east side office.  The Peninsula consists of different areas, and there is no Homeowner Associations or structure to the Peninsula in general, with the exception of The Harbor and the condo developments scattered around the Peninsula.
  • The Harbor – located on The Peninsula, this is a new premium resort development on PK Lake.  They are selling new lots and homes.The Harbor Grille is a fabuous place to enjoy a nice PK Lake evening.
  • The North End – Back to the 4-way stop, if you continue North on Hwy 2353, you're on what we call the "North End" of PK, where you'll find more businesses, such as the PK Chamber of Commerce and our local boat dock builders.  The North End is similar to The Peninsula in that there are no Homeowner Associations that bring this area together.  There are camps and trailer parks here mixed with residential areas. 
  • Hills Above PK – Continue heading north on Hwy 2353 and you'll come to Hwy 16 North.  Turn left toward Graham and you'll soon be in front of The Hills Above PK Lake, a new and quite large development at Possum Kingdom.  Homesites range from one to five acres, and the first homes are just now being built in here.  Lot sales are ongoing.
  • The North End (continued) – As you travel north on Hwy 16 in the area of The Hills Above PK, the west side of Hwy 16 continues to represent what we refer to at "the north end."  This is at the upper end of the lake where the Brazos River feeds in to Possum Kingdom.  Rock Creek Camp is located here, and there are several smaller neighborhoods tucked in through here.
  • The West Side is accessed from Graham by turning south on Hwy 1287.  Travel for several miles and you'll reach Hwy 1148.  Make a turn there and you'll soon be seeing waterfront properties and small trailer home communities, such as Fox Hollow and Possum Hollow.

            – Caddo: refers to a small neighborhood of waterfront properties on PK's far southwestern edge, accessed from Park Road 33.  You can get to this either from Hwy 180 or from Hwy 1287.

  • Lastly there's Hog Bend - a community only accessible by water.  Seriously.  Hog Bend has a charm all its own and is located on PK's southern side.