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BOAT RAMP INFO - updated 5/21/14 -

Thanks to our Jan Rosandich for taking the time a few days ago to track down this information for everyone.

On the East Side of Possum Kingdom Lake:

  • The Cliffs Resort - The Cliffs boat ramp is open to property owners and overnight guests at no charge.
  • Bluff Creek Marina - The Bluff Creek Marina ramp in Sportsmans World is open.  Shawn Easter says bigger boats are being launched to the side of the ramp in the dirt.  There is a $25 fee to launch there.  
  • BRA Public Boat Ramps - current info can be found here.  It's basically South D&D, North D&D, and a temporary Ramp open over by Sam's Dock.

On the West Side of Possum Kingdom Lake:

  • Fox Hollow - Fox Hollow’s boat ramp is open - proceed to their office and see Kevin so he can show you where to launch as well as pay him the $15 launch fee.
  • Possum Hollow - Possum Hollow’s boat ramp open to the public. There is no charge to launch your boat there.
  • Bass Hollow - Bass Hollow’s boat ramp is currently closed; however they are still open for business.
  • Lakeshore Lodge / Lakeshore Marina - Lakeshore Lodge’s boat ramp is open to the public for a fee of $15.00.  Folks who are staying at the cabins or RV park can launch for free. They have just extended their boat ramp.
  • Possum Kingdom State Park - Small boats only can launch. The only fee is the entry fee which is $4.00 for each person 13 years old and up.

Be aware that these different locations may have some size limitations.  Obviously, the smaller the boat, the easier it will be to find a launch location.  But that old "Where there's a Will, there's a Way" adage seems to work out here!

PK is a beautiful lake capable of Floating your Boat and then some.  Come out and play all summer long!  We'll do our best to keep the above list updated. And again, thanks to Jan Rosandich at Pondera for making the calls and compiling the list for us.