Peninsula Fire Updated

We will update this page as often as we can. For the most up to date information on the fire follow us on Facebook.

Monday, 5/13/13

  • Informed of fire around 5:15pm
  • Fire started along Frontier Unit Road near Riley Road
  • Fire moved torwards Burma Road. Fire personal spent the evening protecting structures along Upper and Lower Burma Road

Tuesday, 5/14/13 - 6:49am

  • 15% contained
  • 130 acres presumed affected
  • Check points setup on 2951


  • Road block is setup at South D&D


  • No mandatory evacuation at this time. Residents who are at their home inside the road block will not be allowed back in if they leave.


  • STATUS UPDATE FROM COUNTY JUDGE: Fire is 40% contained this morning. They did a fly-over of the area running a GPS scan on the area and found only 39 acres have burned. Barring any unforeseen developments today (like the humidity dropping), it should be 70% contained by late afternoon / early evening. The forecast is showing the humidity will stay in the 30's. Even though the wind is kicking up and changing directions, they seem like they are getting a handle on things. Best News Yet!


  • Ed Merten of Pondera just came back from the checkpoint by D&D. He says there is no smoke at all there and the officers at the checkpoint haven't seen any smoke either. The officers say there is NO mandatory evacuation, however, if you leave the area and pass the checkpoint at D&D you cannot go back in.


  • According to United Coop, only 32 structures are without power right now on the Peninsula, primarily on Upper and Lower Burma Roads. United Coop is working closely with the local fire dept and will restore service when they get the green light from officials.


  • 40% contained. NO HOMES LOST. Estimated 39 acres burned. Fire could be as much as 70% contained by late afternoon if weather conditions cooperate.
  • Terrain is rough in that area. Tough on the bulldozers.
  • Donations of water, Gatorade, Dr. Pepper and Cokes and INDIVIDUALLY -WRAPPED snacks can be taken to the Chamber of Commerce.