Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014 on TV

July 21 • 6 pm • Fox Sports 1

Locals (PK Lake) can watch on these channels:

DIRECTV 219 • DISH 150 • CABLE 289


Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014

Main Event June 7 • 2 pm to 5 pm

Possum Kingdom Lake ~ Hells Gate Cove (map)

Schedule | Boater Information

This event is not ticketed! 
Spectators should plan to arrive and view the dive competition by boat at Hells Gate. 

Information and FAQ from the Red Bull organization:  

Red Bull Cliff Diving will take place at a remote location on the water at Possum Kingdom Lake.  The only viewing is via kayak, stand up paddle board, personal watercraft, or boat.  There is NO on-land viewing available for the event.
Red Bull Cliff Diving is free to the public.  All spectators are invited to attend at their own risk.  The event is not responsible for injuries to persons or property due to your attendance.  By entering the event area in Hell’s Gate Cove you assume these risks.
Red Bull Cliff Diving is being recorded and it’s possible your face, voice, and/or behavior might end up in the media and in the advertising for Red Bull products and services.  By entering the event area in Hell’s Gate Cove you agree that such recordings of you may be used for any purpose, worldwide in any and all media/advertising of all types at any time.
Where is Red Bull Cliff Diving taking place?
The event is at Hell’s Gate Cove on Possum Kingdom Lake, a hidden gem in the North Texas hill country.  Nestled in the Palo Pinto Hills, PK features over 19,000 acres of clear blue water and also is one of Texas’ deepest lakes.  It is an oasis for fishing, diving, wind surfing, hiking, trail running, trail biking, and camping.
For more information regarding transportation, accommodations, dining, boat launch/storage, watercraft rentals, activities on PK Lake please visit the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce.  
Why is the event listed as “Fort Worth” on the website?
Fort Worth is the closest large metropolitan city.  Due to the amount of international travellers attending the event, the promotional material needs to spotlight the closest city of recognition.  However, please be aware that Possum Kingdom Lake is approximately 80 miles west of Downtown Fort Worth.
Will the event be televised?
All Red Bull World Series competitions are broadcast on Fox Sports 1.  Be sure to watch the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop at Possum Kingdom Lake broadcast on Fox Sports 1, July 14 at 8:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm CT.
Can I attend the event as a spectator?
Yes, you're welcome to attend!   You will need access to the water via kayak, stand up paddleboard, personal watercraft or boat.  There is NO on-land viewing available for the event.  Hell’s Gate Cove is surrounded by private properties and there is a zero trespass policy.  The closest full service boat facility to Hell’s Gate Cove is Bluff Creek Marina.  For more information about renting kayaks, SUPs, personal watercraft, or boats please contact:
Bluff Creek Marina
Marina Point Dr
Strawn, TX 76475
(940) 779-3911
How do we enter Hell’s Gate Cove?
The Hell’s Gate channel entrance will be closed during the event.  Please use the channel on the east side of Devil’s Island to enter the cove.  Follow all posted signs as you enter and be sure to follow directions given by the Brazos River Authority, the Sheriff’s Department and event personnel.  Also be sure to anchor in the appropriate area for your watercraft size and type.
If you plan to be a spectator by boat, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Boater Information Map.